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Winding a Gibson Les PaulGuitar Universe

Guitar Universe is a 1/2 hour magazine style broadcast that not only explores all nuances of the instrument, but also introduces us to celebrity guest players and movers and shakers in the guitar world.

 From interviews and performances by a Who’s Who of guitar playing guests, segments on guitar anatomy, instrument and brand history, most used accessories, "how to " workshop segments, factory tours and more, Guitar Universe provides a behind-the-scenes look at just what  make the instrument tick as well as the people that do the ticking.

The Segments

Albert LeeLyle WorkmanBilly Gibbons
Musical Guests
Features one of our hosts chatting with a musical guest about his/her gear, favorites, background, heroes, collection,  history, inspiration as well as a live performance too.  Guests include some of the giants of the guitar world, as well as lesser known, but highly influential players.

Wah Wah pedalsVintage Stratocaster

Takes an in-depth look at a piece or family of guitar gear and shows both its history and why it’s useful and desirable.  Guitars and amps of all types are explored, as is their vintage appeal.

Doyle BramhallSteve Lukather
Stars Guitars
Features the gear that the stars use on-stage and in the studio, the guitar celebrity and/or his tech will discuss his desires, preferences and requirements.

Building a Classical GuitarGuitar strings
A potpourri segment that focuses on improvement and knowledge, from performance tips and techniques to instrument repair and modification.

Line 6 FactoryEverly Strings Factory
Factory Tour
A behind the scenes look at the design and creation of guitars, amps and accessories.

Hometown HeroLA Jones
Hometown Hero
Every town, and every music store, has a player that's great but the rest of the world doesn't know about him yet.  Hometown Hero features that guy playing live during the ins and outs to break.

Guitar Events


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